Videos of the (tr)uSDX


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Re: Videos of the (tr)uSDX

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My first contact after a new build from Pittsburgh to a park in Michigan. ... 26aCKDaOUg

This was only 3 watts out, owing to accidentally having 11 turns on L32 (since fixed)

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Re: Videos of the (tr)uSDX

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Here’s a short video I made of a very portable complete kit featuring the (tr)USDX.

72- AA4K

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Re: Videos of the (tr)uSDX

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Short QSO with PA1K and G6NYG - I had just finished the external speaker mic Retevis HK008 modification.

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Re: Videos of the (tr)uSDX

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"truSDX IMD performance"

Was the analysis done correctly with correct conclusions? Does he have a "bad" rig or a rig with bad or corrupted software?

So is this normal? Is it acceptable? Is it as good as can be done?

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Re: Videos of the (tr)uSDX

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(tr)uSDX 10.000 kms...

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QSO FK4QX-CA7OKD 10,000 km in SSB
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