Case OK for hot car?

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Case OK for hot car?

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If I order from what filament is used for the 3D printed case? I live in the sothern US and plan to carry it around in my car. Some plastics will deform from the heat.

Bruce (KG4HLZ)

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Re: Case OK for hot car?

Post by g7jur »

PETG I believe. keep it out of direct sunlight, in your car.

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Re: Case OK for hot car?

Post by wa2t »

In a hot car, ABS would probably be best, but it is not as easy to print, has odor when printing, etc.

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Re: Case OK for hot car?

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I have had several 3D printed items deform while leaving in my van in FL. Once was my fault, it was in a cup holder exposed to direct sunlight. Second time it was in the back and only deformed a little but it happened.

I now use a soft sided cooler to store my 3D printed items in my vehicle without a problem

I hope this helps you.

Bill - W3SI
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