Connection of FT8

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Connection of FT8

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Connection of FT8
TRUSDX supports CAT. After connecting the computer with a USB cable and using the TS480 settings in the WSJTX software, CAT works normally. I would like to ask you whether you can directly connect the TRUSDX audio output jack to the microphone jack of the computer sound card without using the 104 capacitor for isolation. At the same time, you can directly connect the TRUSDX microphone jack to the audio interface of the sound card with an audio cable. Will this burn the computer sound card?
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Re: Connection of FT8

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I have connected directly without any capacitors etc.
Works fine for months now.
But you should adjust the Input sensitivy and the Output level of your Soundcard to avoid any overdrive of ALC.

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Re: Connection of FT8

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One option for you: Adam K6ARK designed a nice little audio adapter that uses resistor dividers on audio in and audio out to ensure the audio levels are safe on both ends. I built one and it works great. I used it for a POTA activation using nearly the exact setup that he shows in the video. The adapter also works for connecting my Macbook to the (tr)uSDX for wsjt-x.

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Re: Connection of FT8

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I have seen two YouTube videos that show connecting the trUSDX via USB without using separate cables for Audio. Can someone post the setup for that configuration?

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Re: Connection of FT8

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(tr)uSDX doesn't support audio over USB.
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