Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA


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Re: Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA

Post by coolepascal »

I had a couple of times a situation where i heard a loud wistle tone dat did not recover.
Even after keying the PTT it did not disapear.
Unfortunately i don't know how to reproduce as i'm also still getting used to the behaviour of the new firmware.

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Re: Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA

Post by mike-W1TKO »

In Beta firmware 2.00u, on the OLED display in LSB or USB mode during TX, what are the numeric values indicating in the upper right of the screen? In the attached photo, the number shown is 160.

I occasionally see the value 999, which in the release notes suggest is an overload indicator. I checked the videos, docs, and forums but I have not been able to find what the other values (less than 999) are indicating.

Thanks and 73,
-Mike W1TKO
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Re: Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA

Post by pe1nnz »

Hi Mike,

Yes, in 2.00u when transmitting in SSB you can see the power in Watt and a number that represents the current PA bias level. If you set PA bias Max to 160 then you will often see 160 when you modulate. When you see 999, the input signal is overloaded and you should reduce the voice level to prevent distortions (e.g by holding the mic further away).

Hope this clarifies.

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Re: Feedback thread for Firmware 2.00t BETA

Post by kg5whq »

I have been cruising along with the new firmware(2.00u) all summer. Today, however, output power reads 0W. FT-8 seems to be working fine but I haven't made any contacts today... What should I check to see if I broke my lovely radio?


EDIT: After further investigation over here I am suspecting my PA FETs are damaged. New parts ordered from Mouser. I think this is a component failure, not a software issue at all.
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