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New software announcements

Posted: 15 Feb 2022, 19:42
by pe1nnz

Please note that there is a new firmware version R2.00e available with some improvements and bug-fixes. Update instructions can be found here: , consider updating the bootloader in case you experience issues with uploading:

This new firmware has the following changes:

1. Faster UI responsiveness
Tuning and scrolling through the menu has become faster, especially in CW mode.

2. Faster and improved CAT responses
There is now better and faster CAT response, which have improved the communication (less CAT errors) with certain (chatty) CAT applications. CAT can be established with a baudrate of 38400, 8N1, no handshake, RTS and DTR on LOW.

3. Lock-function
In handheld portable operations, the encoder and buttons may easily be pressed during a QSO, potentially disturbing the operation. To prevent this from happening there is now a lock function that will deactivate the rotary and button presses (except PTT/CW button). The lock function can be actived/deactivated by pressing the encoder-button longer than 3 seconds, an L will be visible during the lock.

4. Internationalization
For better internationalization support, the frequency is now displayed with dots instead of commas. This will not make the whole world happy, but probably a larger part.

5. Fix relay band switching issues
We experienced that for some IM43 relays there was a switching problem when changing bands, resulting in bad SWR and heated PA FETs. It turned out that the relay switching pulses were a bit on the tight side, so now the pulse deration is about 30ms to make sure that the relays are latching, to prevent this kind of issues. You may experience to hear a louder relay click.

6. Semi QSK mode for SSB
QSK mode (menu item 2.4), allows the operator to be able to listen (receive) in the pauses of a transmission. This generally used in CW mode, but can in the (tr)uSDX also be used in SSB mode when VOX is enabled.
When speaking, the transmitter immediatly switches on, while at silences, the receiver listens to the channel. To prevent the fast switching, semi-QSK can now be enabled not only for CW, but also for SSB mode. The keyer speed (menu item 2.5) sets the time when the receiver is enabled after a pause.

7. Calibration of Ref freq
To calibrate the frequency of the transceiver, the exact crystal frequency can be set menu item 8.3. The stepsize is now changed to 50Hz, making it easier to set it without needing to turn the encoder wheel for 5 minutes.

8. Faster start
The rig starts faster. The version number is no longer showed at startup, it can be now found in menu-item 9.7.

9. Faster RX and TX signal processing
Both receive and transmit signal processing functions where made smaller and faster, improving the overall transceiver performance and CW decoding.

Thanks for your interest in this project.
73, Guido