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Manual page

Post by Wolf OE7FTJ »

Hi All!

I have seen, that some menue items are new or deleted in the actual FW, but are not mentioned in the manual. Is there a place, where we can find the actual manual and a more detailed description (not only the listings) of menue items?

A special Q for me is how to change / enter the 'CQ-Message' in the menue 4.2 and how much characters can I store?

But anyway a big thankyou to Manuel and Guido to make this nice little radio possible.

Wolf, oe7ftj
Faraaz VK4JJ

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Re: Manual page

Post by Faraaz VK4JJ »

Documentation is a work in progress - please be patient. For now, the manual pages and youtube videos on DL2MANs account are what we have.

As for the CQ message, it is intuitive. Play around with it, click the encoder, press the buttons. I'm sure you will work it out in under thirty seconds.

As for the maximum character limit, I'm not sure. Please try and come back to tell us all :)
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