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After weeks of soldering & programming, I finally got my (tr)uSDX working! BIG thanks to Manuel & Guido!

Here my suggestions for improvements, to make it easier to build such a nice little device:
1) let the files have a version tracking, so you are able to follow what you have and what is actual.
2) let the user/HAM operator use the USB - interface to download the appropriate firmware. Let the factory flash the bootloader with a simple test-rig (= 6 pogo pins for the ISP-interface).
3) show the serial number in a certain menu-item.

I bought my kit from *Rxxxx* Technologies. As a professional supplier, they supported me with information as much as they could! I can recommend to buy from them!

Eventualy I succeeded by:
- de-solder C16 --> ISP-interface works!
- downloaded the bootloader again from the website --> got the correct serial number.
- downloaded (via ISP) the combinded bootloader & firmware!
- assemble everything, connect an antenna & powerbank and it is just fun to work with it!
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