Substitutes for ICs in the recent Chip crisis

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Substitutes for ICs in the recent Chip crisis

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U3 Si5351A-B-GT MSOP-10 ----> MS5351
U9 LT6231 SO-8 ----> Replacement suggestions withdrawn for ongoing investigation of bad sideband suppression with other OpAmps
U1 74ACT00 SOIC-14 -> no known substitutes. Suggestions ?
U5 CH340G SOIC-16 -> no known substitutes. Suggestions ?
U2 L78L05 SOT-89-3 -> Plenty of Suppliers, should not run out
U4 ATmega328P-AU TQFP-32 ---->ATMEGA328PB-AU or ATMEGA328PB-AUR
U6 SN74CBT3253 TSSOP-16---->FST3253

RF Board:
U1 INA219AxD SOIC-8 -> no known substitutes. Suggestions ?
U7 TCA9555PWR TSSOP-24 ----->PCA9555 or CAT9555YI-T2
K1-K5 IM43GR ----->G6KU-2P-Y DC5
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