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(tr)uSDX with flrig and fldigi

Posted: 23 Nov 2022, 23:20
by n4rg
Is anyone using the programs flrig and fldigi with the (tr)uSDX?

Are you having problems with the digital modes (specifically PSK31)?

When using the software and I put it in transmit mode, send the text, then go back to receive the radio “hangs up” and the receive audio is very very low. When I do an knit (using flrig) the audio comes back like normal.

Anyone else?

Re: (tr)uSDX with flrig and fldigi

Posted: 26 Nov 2022, 15:42
Are you providing line-level or headphone-level input to the transceiver?

Most of those that are using a soundcard to interface with the transceiver are making sure to not overload the input as a headphone output is far too high a voltage range for the microphone circuit not to clip on input, and the output from the transceiver is a headphone-level output so you'll have to ensure that you are either voltage-dividing approipriately or are operating at a volume level where you're not clipping.

I.e. the problem is less likely with the transceiver, and far more likely with the soundcard levels on input and output.