Buying one fully assembled transceiver and case

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Buying one fully assembled transceiver and case

Post by sv3ora »

I want to buy a fully assembled low bands (standard) transceiver including case and 18650 Battery Case (DL2MAN).

I have seen the Chinese suppliers, but import charges is just too high.

Therefore I am asking if there is anyone in this group that wants to sell his, or has any of these.

I like light blue color (If I can choose).


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Re: Buying one fully assembled transceiver and case

Post by dl6sez »

Hello OM,

you don't have to pay anything to the customs service because you are living in the EU as i see...
Aliexpress has VAT included on up tech store, e.g. Sunny the approved seller.
Buy a Kit it is not that hard to do and it's a Ham Radios job to practice also this work a little bit ;)
There are no SMD components to solder for you, all standard through hole components, all SMD work is already done.
Be with your order under 150 Euros and a private person than you are allowed to only pay the already included VAT....
You can order the battery case a week later if you can't keep the amount below 150 Euros with it!
150 Euros free is every day free, this means when your parcels reaches Europe this counts as import day!
The next day = new import day => again 150 Euros (including VAT) free...

73 de Chris
Chris DL6SEZ, JN48XL near Ulm, Southern Germany

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Re: Buying one fully assembled transceiver and case

Post by AB0HI »

Hello...I would also like to buy one of these transceivers already assembled. I am currently staying in the Philippines and dont have access to any tools or time to build a kit. My question is I can purchase one of these radios on the website "Shopee" which is the poor mans version of Amazon for Filipinos. They are listed as assembled and coming from mainland China. The seller just appears to be a distributor only. So if they are assembled who built these and would they be reliable?
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