missing firmware?

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missing firmware?

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Dear Manuel, dear Guido,

I am looking forward for a "new version" of the firm-ware, from time to time, for my beloved "(tr)u SDX", but the "new one" (the"beta") is gone, .... !

Is it not not aviable any more ? Is there any problem with this firmware ?
I tried to "copy" the latest version,but that makes me go back to the older one, ... !

Should I "go back" to the old one and don´t use the "beta firmware" anymore ?
Is there no more "beta version" on the web-site? Or miss I something "special" ?

Please give us an answer, we are all looking for.

Missed in the first place the FM and AM function, but then, learning to use the "new" one, -now- I missed the CW-slots, for making "quicker CW QSO´s" and the new kind of frequency- display !

Have a nice weekend!
73/72 de markus - db9pz

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Re: missing firmware?

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I think that beta changed to official one.
Just install the most recent one and that should be it…
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